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Leasing this web site is an excellent choice!
We allow you the space you need and the bandwidth you desire.
You will be on a shared dedicated server with guardian backups,
server secure plus protection and remediation service
as well as Vulnerability Assessment.

Server highlights: Gigabit Uplink Port (Most sites only offer 100 MB max)
If a hard drive crashes, we have RAID 1 (This protects you from data loss)
16GB DDR4 SDRAM (Plenty of ram to get the job done)
CloudFlare Rail Gun installed, for your use (This is a $200.00 feature)

We offer fully managed sites as well as URL registrations.
We are ready to serve you. Whatever you need we are here to help! Please join us today!

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This site lease includes hosting and
Divi buider the world's #1 word press editor!

Processor: Intel Xeon E3-1230 v6 Quad-Core
OS: Linux OS
WebServer: Apache
centos: CentOs 7 - 64Bit
ControlPanel: cPanel/ Web Host Manager - Fully Managed
HD1: 2 x SSD
PrimaryRAID: Software RAID 1
HD2: Single SATA HDD (7,200 RPM)
BackupDriveSize: 1 TB SATA HDD (7,200 RPM)
HD3: No Additional Storage Array
GUARD: No Remote Backup Needed
SERVERCHASSIS: Standard - Single PSU - No Hot Swap Bays
DDOSProtection: Standard DDoS Attack Protection (up to 2gbps)
Bandwidth: As much as you desire. Outbound Bandwidth
PortSpeed: Gigabit Uplink Port